Graduate Winter/Summer Schools in Optimization - 2023

This post collects a partial list of winter and summer schools for 2023/2024, directly inspired by the ones compiled by Thiago Serra.

Table of Contents

Winter 2023

  • Winter School of AMSI, 9th January, Melbourne, Australia

Summer 2023

Autumn 2023

  • Autumn School on Constrained Optimization in Machine Learning, ALOP, University of Trier
  • Autumn School of NATCOR on Combinatorial Optimization, 11th September, University of Southampton, UK

If I missed your favourite school for 2023 and first quarter 2024, open a pull request and modify this file. Thanks to Mark Turner and Joao Dionisio for pointing out some of these!

Winter 2024

Mathieu Besançon
Mathieu Besançon
Researcher in mathematical optimization

Mathematical optimization, scientific programming and related.