Variables are not values: types and expressions in mathematical optimization

Some digging in representations for optimization modelling

Picking different names with integer optimization

Making social events easier as a graph problem.

Static lists in Julia

Pushing the type system for more compile-time information

Multiple dispatch - an example for mathematical optimizers

Leveraging one of Julia central features for clearer formulation of an optimization problem.

Winter warm-up: toy models for heat exchangers

Building our own graph type in Julia

Who needs libraries when from scratch looks so good

The cutting stock problem: part 2, solving with column generation

A column generation algorithm for the cutting width problem using Julia and JuMP

Tackling the cutting stock problem: part 1, problem exploration

Solving a cutting stock problem step by step using Julia and JuMP

Solving the group expenses headache with graphs

Graph theory and Julia to solve the boring aspect of having friends

DifferentialEquations.jl - part 2: decision from the model

Now that we've built a model, let's use it to make the best decision